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What is Live TV Roulette? Well, put simply, it's the ability to play real roulette on a real table with a real wheel without having to go to a casino! Smart Live TV have revolutionised the game by merging an actual casino roulette table with a live TV feed. You simply place your bets by either phoning up the station, using your interactive button on the remote control, or playing via the live TV stream broadcast over the internet.

The big advantage to Smart Live Casino is that it's live! That means you can actually see the game being played; you are not relying on some kind of magical number generator. You know the results are real and not fixed because you can see them in front of you. Live TV Roulette means real results.

With a live croupier in the studio guiding you though the game, and very clear graphics showing exactly what you've bet and won, it's as easy as being in a real casino! A weath of statistics is also shown on screen detailing the recently rolled numbers.

Although the roulette wheel and table are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, live croupiers are only available between 5pm and 5am. During the rest of the time, an air powered hydraulic wheel spins regularly, allowing a real wheel to be playing all day every day. The two channels have slightly different limits. The table on channel 869 has a minimum bet limit of £1 and a table limit of £1500. The VIP, or high-roller wheel on channel 870 has a minimum limit of £5 and a maximum limit of £3000! That's a lot of money, and it's worth watching just to see the amount people bet and win.

Broadcasting on Sky channel 869 and channel 870, and Freesat channel 852, the show is easily accessable. If you don't have Satellite, it's worthwhile noting that that a streaming live roulette feed of the live tv roulette show is also broadcast on the Smart Live Casino website. You've got no excuse for saying that you can't receive the program!

Smart Live Casino isn’t just limited to live TV roulette though. There's also Live TV Blackjack, Live Poker, and Live Bingo. If you do just want to play slot machines or flash games with prizes, there's also Smart Live Games which can be played on your PC.

Without a doubt though, the main attraction is the Live TV Roulette. If you don't fancy playing for real money, why not just sign up and take the free play option that Smart Live Casino offers? You've got nothing to loose, and when you decide that you've perfected your techniques and strategies you can switch to a real money roulette game.